11 days

Alright i’m going to keep this blog to hold myself semi accountable for writing my novel in November, because no one actually ever reads blogs right? I’m thinking about tumblr but frankly it scares me a bit….so … much Destiel….. Plus ive always wanted to have a blog, i am a bit upset that it has so little space though. Oh well.

So what is one to put in a first blog post?

Alright so heres what you might expect from me-

  • wring tips as well as my writing blunders
  • recipes for cake and salsa for when stupid characters make you sad (of course not cake and salsa together yuk unless thats your thing then…. kudos?)
  • Various rantings on why Sherlock needs to get more episodes (just watched season three last night and the part when sherlock and moriarty almost kiss makes me die every time)
  • Various sites for everything from background noises to random exercises (which lets be honest i’m never going to actually get up and do i just you know…. like to think i could. 

Etc. Etc. Etc. Oh God when Nano comes Im going to be a maniac. I literally have to set rules for mysewlf and things i am ”allowed” to do or i will procrastinate horribly.

http://www.buzzfeed.com/samimain/struggles-of-getting-ready-for-national-novel-writing-month#szs3b3 (oh the horror o-o

Like for instance i have all these lovely links that my home group for nano made that will surely come in handy…

I am going to-

I am NOT going to-

  • write in my bed all the time(come on ill just fall asleep)
  • go to the gym with the pretense of working out but only powerwalking on the 3.5 speed while i watch tv to get distance from my novel
  • threaten to kill off my characters if they dont behave
  • go to sleep when i should be writing saying ill make it up in a couple of days
  • leave any of my writing things at home
  • ever abandon my buddies

So i think this will conclude my first entry  and as promised, heres a recipe :3



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