Hello my name is Valaine


I thought in preparation both for myself and my lovely nonexistent readers, it would be a nice idea to get to know some characters. All photos for characters i obtain usually from morguefile.com (completely free to use i love it for visuals) Hope

so this is her, all lovely and upset because she had to wear a dress ( this is the person who wont even accommodate to their usual uniform for classes. ( she and others about 10 others reside in a building sort of created like a boarding school except its mandatory. This was done to lessen the area for rebellion but since the government is so crappy and corrupt that most low budget ones never get recorded or checked on, it kind of guaranties rebellion :p) They all get relatively similar clothes but she goes around it, tearing holes, dipping them in homemade dye you name it this chicks done it.  But the bright side is, shes pretty creative and open minded because of this so if she could ever shut her mouth from her bratty remarks she might be a bit of a help.


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