Ugh characters go away

I still dont have a name for most of my characters. Isn’t that a wee bit vital?

Faith-main characters, brown hair,amber eyes tall buildFaith

Eoin- friend, is one of the mains near the middle of the story

Weiss- another friend, but turns over midstory

Nicholai- dont even get me started on this Horse’s butt. pathetic excuse for a villian. Ack can i just kill him off already?

Semias-the mole of the corporation

Dario- Pretty boy with a high and mighty but still kind view of the world

Scarlet- Name given to Faith post invictus

Adrienne- Brains of the group and planner

Valaine- troublemaker/rougue of the group Hope

Crisenth- astronomer and quiet one

Caeda-knows things she shouldnt, small

Julienne- girlfriend of Faith, leader of rebellion mid and post invictus

Gwin-everyone loves her fiery attitude and a little rebellious when she ought not to be but oh wellfile5751347490067

woo that took some work i had some ideas for these characters and now they have names!! now to create visuals :/ *mentally stabs Nicholai*


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