Alright I decided that since i’m bored that while i’m looking up the psycological damage caused by the whiteroom effect that i’ll post some of my favorite links.

For the Potter fans here is a link for a completely free actual online Hogwarts. That’s right you can take classes, read books, hang out in your common room etc. Be forewarned though, when writing essays for D.A.D.A. the professor is very very strict.                 

For my writer’s who can’t function in a quiet room, here is a link to a site in which you can listen to the sounds of a coffeehouse while you work i ❤ it

For the writers who haven’t yet signed up for National Novel Writing Month (come’on we all know you have a novel itching to get out in there) Here is the link to the site

Here is a wonderful vocabulary site that I am currently learning Spanish and Dutch on but it has everything from language to math to business and is  definitely worth checking out

For my Bookworms out there here is as site where you can download completely free books, and if you register can download up to ten a day on various subjects( i even found a book on zombie ettiquette hehe)

For those who are one soda away from keeling over here’s a link that will tell you how much it would take to kill you (trust me it’s alot, how else do you think we Nano’s could survive solely on Coffee, tea and sandwiches??)

This site is really cool shows what has happened since you were born

Ever wanted to sit in a random place and make people think you were Hacking into the buildings mainframe? look no more!!! (hint hitting the alt key three times will result in a big box that says access granted)

Okay dearies step away from netflix or that book and relax

When you need ideas for a random character or feel like making a random alter ego here you go!!

And Lovelies if you are ever in need of someone to talk to (i’m here if you need me) but this is a great, anonymous website where a random person can just listen. And sometimes you just need that.

Okay, i think that’s all for now, heres a link on other sites you might find useful

Have a great day!!!


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