Since I am a little crazy and my blog is all over the place i think I am going to start doing a weekly review of something. This week is J.K Rowling


All hail the queen ^^^^

Although I do admit that the novel she released after harry potter was a bit…. odd. But I do love her writing style and Harry Potter is a wonderful story even apart from the wonder of magic. The descriptions and characters made me feel at home( though i do believe the movies could have done a bit more to show that even while slytherins are cunning, they are not all evil) I hold harry potter as highly as i do Eragon and The chronicles of Narnia.  Her story has become an empire, a world where people do not have to be judged, for petes sake quidditch is offered in many colleges!

I honestly would not be able to describe the love i found in these books once my mom dubbed me old enough to know fact from fiction. And even still, with movies and books done the fanbase is still as a alive as ever, and i still am deep in the fandom . And, since this was about her, how could i leave you lovelies with no links?  (created by rowling herself to be yet another experience to go along with the potter universe)  (who doesn’t love yummy food??) ( quidditch rules because heck yes who doesn’t want to read about this?) (for when your’e in a party mood)

So i might edit this and do it again because i feel like i could have gone much more in detail with it. I have plans for several more reviews including

  • Sherlock
  • Homestuck
  • The chronicles of Narnia
  • Orange is the new black
  • How i met your mother
  • and lots others!!!

And if you haven’t heard of Orange is the new black here are some lovely quotes af76fc67d74a2bd0585c49f4204cec6e download (8)

oh and homestuck download (9)

Haha until next week download (10)


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