The Ails of a Writer

I go to school from 8am to 12pm each weekday. A measly four hours in which i do very little school work to earn my few credits that i need. But still, i feel thats too much time to waste away from my book. I mean seriously, why work on Business Management when there is several hours to be invested in researching and designing torture devices:???????( spoiler alert: do not read my book. Side effects include crying whenever you realize you are still in the middle of the book and characters are suffering, mental damage from too many feels, and a punch in the gut feeling when you realize you cannot hug my characters. Remember the scene in Harry Potter when Hermione lay helpless on the Malfoy Manor floor? Remember how terrible and hopeless you felt? Get ready for worse. Much worse.)

So as I sit, honestly drawing my courses out( i took extra courses in school because i cant take the test to skip english until next month the horror 0-0) I find that even the little time i actually spend doing schoolwork i am in pain because i could be spending quality time with my characters and all the ways i ruin their lives (but honestly, the only one i TRULY HATE is NICHOLAI) images no i didn’t just realize i have always hated you Nicholai. Scumbag roach. Trust me you’ll hate him too. Okay think of….. Voldemorts Cruelty mixed with Bellatrix’s bloodust, but with the disgust factor of Peter Pettigrew and Proffessor Quarrell. Oh and if anyone is reading this and wants to comment on how I should not be reading Harry Potter due to various religious reasons, save it. Me and my very god fearing friends can go to church on Sunday after spending all of Saturday having a Potter marathon all we please. Go drink some butterbeer and have a skiving snackbox why don’t you.  And since ive been talking so much about the Potterverse JK-Rowling-SUM_2348620bjust look at how wonderful she is. ^-^

Here’s some recipies for Butterbeer for the lovely muggles.

Oh and here is a recipe for NONALCHOHOLIC Firewhisky

Enjoy!!! Have a great day!! Just kidding I’ll probably be back later. I’m addicted to the blogging life.


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