Top Ten Reasons Why I Consider Myself A Writer

1. If I don’t have a daily conversation with my characters I do crazy things example:crazy_conversation

even the ones i know are going to die. ESPECIALLY the ones i know are going to die.

2. Sometimes I marvel over my own creations and freak out when i lack the drawing skills to draw them and i just images (3)

3. I was that one little kid who always had her nose stuck in a book and one day wanted to create a universe that made her disappear like harry potter did

download (5)

4. My favorite company is either a book, my book, or friends who will talk about one of the above with me.


5. i have a permeanant callous on my hand from a pencil because i write for the majority of my freetime download (7)

6. Because I have a character i HATE but since i am a writer and not just someone who wants to write a random happy go lucky story, i have to keep him.


7. I would rather get more caffeine than halt my writing for the night.

download (4)

8. Because “revise” is officially a taboo word to me now. No one is allowed to mention it. Ever. images (5)

9. Because this picture is sO TRUE AND I HATE IT

images (6)

10. Because I did not choose the writing life. The writing life grabbed my hand and whispered “run”.



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