General weekly plan for posting

Okay if i don’t set some kind of schedule I’m not going to post each day or I’ll end up posting random pictures of penguins and say that’s good enough. We all love penguins, but not that much. 

download so cute ❤

So here is what I will try to do-

  • Monday- Where I teach you something. Could be guitar. Or hide a body. Or make brownies. What was that middle part? Brownies.
  • Tuesday- Random topic
  • Wednesday- Weekly book/show/movie review
  • Thursday- Life skills!! Like recipes. Or taxes, (yuk)
  • Friday- Friday finds in which I show you some random thing that’s interesting. Yep.
  • Saturday – A day reserved for writing. Whether it is to examine my favorite authors style or just talk about hand cramps from hand writing this is the day of the week when I can refrain from feeling guilty about posts about my craft ( although I’ll still probably post something pertaining to writing each day)
  • Sunday-Guest post or a guest tells me what to write about ( oh lord help me)
  • does anyone else love lists as much as I do?

And this, in no way means that these will be the only things I post each day. Some days I will be busy and have time for only one post, other days I might go overboard and post five times(oops) I just thought this might be nice.


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