Good Morning!

Well I’ve decided that since I have a few reader’s, (thank god to best friends) that I should probably make a post telling you what I plan on posting.  Now of course, you know i’m very random and jump around an awful lot, so i’m, sorry here’s a cookiedownload (11)now please, get used to my randomness.

As you may have guessed by now, rantings about harry potter, all hail the queen JK-Rowling-SUM_2348620b random recipes popping out of nowhere, and of course me complaining about my least favorite characters are going to be a staple in many of my posts.  I am a NaNoWriMo participant (as you can see from my cute little widget I just added) and some posts especially around November will rotate specifically around the topic of my novel, tips on how to actually do this in one month, and me wondering how many cups of coke zero will kill me. (Can someone bring me a cake when I finish NaNo? I feel like i’ll deserve it. Maybe I should ask a few of my writer friends if we can have a little party near my birthday in which we eat cake, swap our books, and moan about characters. Sounds good to me)

Although this blog is titled “the writers woe” even though the bulk of the topics will center on writing, I am pretty diverse so who knows what I’ll come up with.  But, some things I can guarantee you-

  • Random pictures of the queen J.K Rowling
  • Quotes of John Green when I’m not mad at him anymore
  • Strange recipes
  • Awesome reviews (get ready for some Sherlock giggles)
  • Links to kittens or other happy pictures when I feel like I’m ranting
  • Theme weeks out of nowhere (Maybe I’ll have a spy week, because, really who doesn’t want to learn Morse code?)
  • Links to everything and everywhere (ah the internet is a wonderful place)
  • Very random topic posts that for some reason I thought to be interesting
  • A lot more random things

Well there you have it. Hope your’e liking me so far! And I’m sorry about any glaring grammar or spelling mistakes I try to edit these as well as possible.

❤ Until next time!!


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