Okay, this is NOT a rant.

But then again, it kind of is. I work in the food industry because I am still in school. I work at a certain chain in which your server goes out to your car to bring your food. Tips are greatly appreciated.  And I am sure the point I am about to try to get through applies in basically any low end job. We are not deadbeat scumbags that you can take your anger out on. People expect that we do nothing. I clean, I take your order out, and unlike some I will bring you whatever you please as many times as you ask for it. I do all of this with a smile on my face and refrain from hanging up on your order when we are busy and you are taking forever to order. Alot of customers think that it is okay to take their anger out on us, or look down at us like we are all living on welfare, and mooching off the government while we buy high end clothing. I will tell you right now, I have alot of coworkers that have multiple children and who are very hard workers, so when someone pulls up in a very expensive lexus , and looks at me like I am a roach for working here, then does not tip me after me going to fetch several things for them, then counting every penny I hand back like I look like a criminal, it makes me feel bad, and sometimes angry. I want to ask, if you are so angry at “lowlifes” that work in the fast food industry, where would you get your lunch everyday? Your happy hour soda? If we weren’t here, it would put you at a disadvantage. So in ending loves, please be nice to people who are serving you, no matter where you are, It is just human decency.

I am done being irritated now here’s a link to be happy



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