Friday weekly post woo!

  • Friday- Friday finds in which I show you some random thing that’s interesting. Yep.

Hm what random thing shall it be today dearies? My terms of endearment make me sound like a sadistic villain who knocks you out with cookies and then imprisons you. EW. Just thought of Nicholai saying “dearies” Kill me now. Not a pretty visual, abandon ship.


download (13)

I feel like barney freaking out in a room full of suits not knowing which one he should wear. Except my suits are plot lines. And I am drowning in them. download (14)

I don’t want to plot or outline, I just want to go home and watch sherlock.


Now someone buy me this.

Is it bad that watching sherlock has made me want to practice deduction? I guess not since it is a scholarly endeavor. Maybe I’ll have a sherlock themed week. 🙂

But then again I don’t want to go to work I just want to sit home and outline. Someone help.

So the interesting thing for today is me showing you my love of sherlock and the amazing feat of blogging instead of outlining *sobs grossly*.


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