I confuse myself

I’m not a very overly confident person, so I have alot of negative thoughts about myself throughout the day, but writing a letter to myself outlining my rewards for nanowrimo at varying word counts, I surprised myself. I was suddenly using endearments such as love, and dear, because i know i work really well with positive enforcement. So why haven’t i learned to treat myself nicely.

Hitting 5,000 Go you! You can feel your characters now. Do a little cheer and post it on Facebook, you can make 1 more blog post now.

7,000 Look at you go!! Don’t stop now!!! Treat yourself to a warm bath and primp a little. Then get back to writing.

10,000 1/5th there!! You can do this!! Have a nice cup of tea and go for a relaxing walk

17,000 Aren’t you awesome?? Go to the library for a bit and relax

25,000 Halfway mark but don’t give up now!!! Restock on snacks and buy yourself a nice book

37,000 You can feel it now!! Don’t give up have a nice Starbucks coffee you’ve been working hard

45,000 Order that winners shirt honey no way i’m letting you not finish now.

50,000 hope you’ve been saving up tips because you deserve that concert. And books. And a guitar case. You’re fantastic. You did it. Flaunt that t shirt for a year love you earned it.,

I think at some point, we all need to realize that sometimes you need to put your needs first. You need to make yourself feel happy. I try to do that wen i can. I know when i move back home I probably am just going to lay on the grass at church or in someones backyard because i missed the air and all the free space, and no one will be able to stop me.


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