Monday Morning

monday-morning typical-Monday-morningcoffee2

Ah Monday morning, the savage beast. Late night working, early morning rising. Someone kill me. Lets all just hope that on the 31st after work I dont go home and fall straight asleep. We can only hope.  Okay so Monday, I am supposed to teach you something and NaNoWriMo is fast approaching so I figure that each blog this week should pertain to Nano oh god i smell coffee……. Mondays do not agree with me okay?

Roughly four days until the start of Nanowrimo. And my head is exploding with plot.  In this post, I’ll go through some how to’s and  different things that have helped me and my friends. Also I will include some articles so that we can all survive this together. (I really wish i could access tumblr at school).

  1. Keep motivated. This is very important, your’e doing this because it’s what you love, and do not let yourself get in the mindset of thinking it’s a chore.
  2. Have a buddy- I cannot stress this enough.
  3. Outline. You have at least a little bit of time to plot so do it now, and don’t get distracted, sit down and do it. Unless your’e me. Then blog instead of outlining.
  4. Believe. Seriously.  Be ridiculouslty confident in yourself. Writing buddies help with this, and don’t worry, it is okay to type all in caps to your writing buddies, this close to november.
  5. have fun!! Something that has honestly helped me is visuals, and creating aids to go along with my story. Ive piled songs together, written songs myself for it, I even have a few signature recipes!!
  6. Make writing your entire life. Breathe characters, eat plotlines, and fall in love with your characters and scenery.
  7. DON’T GIVE UP. This story is yours and its up to you to do this.


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