Three days to NaNo!!!!!!

Okay lovelies, lets talk about your muse.  To quote Kami Garcia from the latest Nano email,

  • Your muse is MIA. Everyone knows that when real writers sit down in front of their computers, the words just pour out. Real writers have muses who whisper ideas to them in their dreams and solve their writing problems. There are, of course, a limited number of these muses—and to date, they’ve all been assigned to other writers who are not you.

See, muses can be anything really.  I met my muse several several years ago doing an exercise  in theater where we had to “go to our happy place” Once there i was met with a stunning castle, which I have continued to visit and now has an entire world attached to it. I have found that this has helped my imagination greatly and even helps me find a safe place when I feel sad or attacked. This “universe” is also the setting of one of my books. Anyways, the first person i met there and who is always there is a girl named Elizabeth. I like to think of her as my muse, she helps me when I am sad, bakes the mental me cookies and she shape shifts to whatever makes me feel comfortable at the that particular time, sometimes a young girl, sometimes a wizened grandmother. It just depends. Kind of like a grown up version of an imaginary friend. I encourage you to visit your happy place,m or just to talk to a a standalone person, they can help you problem solve etc.  It certainly has helped me alot. My muse is also a personification of different things. She likes things that inspire me, and she sometimes has certain features or phrases that are alike people i am really close to.

Now we can all panic. NANOWRIMO IS FAST APPROACHING>>>>


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