November weight.

Okay loves, NaNo is fast approaching. And that means that once we start, every free moment will be spent hunched over a computer or lounging on a sofa dolling out character punishments. Now, exercise isn’t for everyone. But it is for me. I stay fairly active at my job being that for 4-5 hours each day I am at LEAST standing if nnot walking or jogging to a car. Be that as it may I am also spending four hours on my butt at a school desk.  Still thats better than the traditional seven or eight, but still not that good. For NaNo I know I wont be able to just go to the gym and walk, watching cooking shows. No Ill have to get my butt up there, and power walk while working on character development and plot lines. I also have been making a workout regimen and have concluded, if I can fit working out into a month that also has NaNoWriMo and thanksgiving, I’ll have no excuse! Plus ill be finishing up school and working anywhere from 27-25 hours a week. Now even if you can’t or don’t want to go to the gym remember to keep active, lethargy will only make you lazy and more prone to procrastination.  Also starting a workout routine in november also gives you more of an excuse to reward yourself!!! Iv’e included some fun articles that I found, so remember, don’t be a lazy bum , try to keep active a little bit.



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