Wtf japan??

Alright so i’m learning japanese and want to travel to japan one day. it Is a truly unique country and I really want to visit. And upon looking at hotel prices, I see that if you go to the ones without extra ammenites like language customs or whatever, you can find a fairly decent room for around 2,200 yen. Now before you say that isnt a good deal, translate that into us dollars and thats about 20 dollars. :0….

Now, some of them are capsule hotels and some are ones where you bunk with several others but hey, how much better can you get?? The hotel asuka and capsule is very good, not as small and compact as some. I think i’ll make some blogs about traveling to japan and the like because it is something i really want to do.  The downside to this price so far is some capsules are male only (most likely for business men) and the mixed dormitory rooms which even though i love how respectable japan is i still dont trust.  The Kinuya honkan looks to be one of the best options as best as capsule hotels go ( capsules arent really that bad why have extra space when youre just going to be exploring the city anyways?) it comes out to about 27 Us dollars, still a fair price and features easy access to a shopping center and a train station. the capsule hotel rainbow shin-koiwa  is very bright and cheerful and looks like something a Gaijin would be at home at and not stared at (Gaijin means foreigner or tourist) Now the Apa hotel  Tokyo-Shiomi-Ekiame is an actual hotel and only costs about 28. But the juyoh hotel is more western style for the same price, and has a private bath (dont think im comfortable with communal baths yet :p)


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