OKAY WE CAN All PANIC NOW NANO IS LESS THAN A DAY AWAY. Will you stay up till midnight to write?? You’d better! Time to whip out the laptop and write like a madman, write like your’e christian from moulin rouge and if you don’t write this story satine will die! I still have to get more tea to survive and possibly some quick meals because lets face it my face will be glued to my laptop ( except when im at work the HORROR) My characters are literally beckoning to me. Like little children just “please write us, but leave out the bad parts okay?” sorry dears. The bad parts must be written. And there will be many. But never fear!!  There will still be good parts. i hope.  Nano is almost here and I am spending my school day plotting on index cards and reading blogs while I blog. Ah the life.


AllsFair_003  GrowingDread_003 nanotoons_2013_oct_31 nanotoons_2014_10_27 nanotoons_2014_10_29 nanotoons_2014_10_30 nanotoons_2014_10_31 NaNoWriMo-Ambulance NaNoWriMo-DystopianRomance NaNoWriMo-pickup NaNoWriMo-ShinyWords NaNoWriMo-WWFC-wifi

All in all i am super excited to be doing nano. I am a writer, i am a world trapped in a person. I pour blood sweat and tears into my novels and i would not ask for another life or another coping method.


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