I’m a weirdo.

But I guess that is good. Something I have learned myself that trying to be the best you can be gives you confidence. I like routine, and training for something whether the training be psychical mental or a combination of the two. So being the weirdo I am I am going to create a training plan for myself based loosely on superheroes and international spies. And Sherlock. Don’t judge me you know I’m a nerd.  If I feel like it once I get into the routine I might make some posts about it, because I do believe in expanding your horizons in every way possible. Some things that I will include in the training –

  • Course in deduction. This will include lessons in body behavior, tell signs, and general knowledge that will benefit every day life.
  • Safety, instruction for personal use and certification in first aid an cpr.
  • Fitness training to include parkour, martial arts, endurance and flexibility.

There will be others of course but I need to make a syllabus first.  Something I like about starting this plan is I make it for myself, I know my limits and when and where I can push myself.  Also, it gives a goal. One, from the Sherlock/ international spy standpoint, you can assess any situation and know with almost utter certainty that you can escape a daunting task. Two, from the superhero standpoint, you will know “I did this” At the end of your training you will feel better and will even be confident that you can protect and serve as you see fit (caution guys, don’t be idiots and try to take on a big shot mafia head unless you want to get killed) This is also a way to achieve the best body and mind possible, all while being extremely fun. I do need to find some fitness buddies to do this with :/


Now dont get me wrong, this is going to be tough. That is why it is called training.

this is one of the articles that inspired me




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