Don’t kill me i had to make this good and very tragic…… >.<

Relationship scene

{Two friends, both girls, are sitting on a couch in what appears to be a lounge, with a few nondescript people nearby}

{Character one has her head in character twos lap, Character one has a head scarf on, and looks very frail}

Character one: Delilah?

Delilah: Yes Kate?

Kate: It’s hard to remember a time before I started treatment

Delilah :{ sits up straighter and pats Delilah’s head} that’s okay. With brain cancers that’s normal Hun. You’ll get through it. We always get through things

Kate: But it’s hard to remember a lot of things

Delilah: Like what?

Kate: Like…. Like how it feels to walk on a trail and not feel dizzy. Like what it feels like to look up at the sun, and not feel like ill fall asleep and never wake up again. Like how it was to have hair…. Real hair… I’ve forgotten beauty Delilah

Delilah: Oh but you can’t. Remember that summer when we barely did anything but watch Broadway musicals and dance around in my living room?

Kate: of course. I couldn’t forget that. But all I can think of is doctor Morell telling me I could just drop dead any day now

Delilah: he didn’t tell you that, you eavesdropped silly goose

Kate: well don’t I deserve to know? What if I wanted to taste chocolate ice-cream again before I died and I kept putting it off and then that was the only thing I can think of as I died?

{Delilah laughs and looks around}

Delilah: see you still have your sense of humor. You can’t be that close to dying {she wipes a tear away out of sight of Kate}

Kate: I’m barely twenty Delilah. I can’t even drink yet. Well… legally.

Delilah: well we took care of that summer of junior year remember?

{Kate laughs weakly}

Kate: Yeah we downed three bottles of wine between us, I can’t eat peaches anymore,

Delilah: Because it reminds you of the fight we had right after!

Kate: Yeah in retrospect we probably should have went easy for our first time with alcohol

{the scene starts to change, lights dimming to a soft blue purple, and all people transfer to bistro tables Kate sits  up, leaning on Delilah’s shoulder, looking around but Delilah doesn’t seem to notice}

Delilah: Bummer we haven’t gotten to go to Paris though. But Morell took you off of chemo yesterday so you must be getting better right?

Kate: I chose to

{Delilah swings her head around}

Delilah: what??

Kate: it wasn’t worth it… I’m dying anyways

{Delilah starts to cry}

Kate: We are in Paris look….

{Kate lays her head back down while soft music begins to play, scene fades until the only light is on them}

Kate: see? The Eiffel tower is right over there. I heard some artist hated it so much that he had lunch at the base of it every day so he wouldn’t have to look at it.

Delilah: {sobbing} Kate… You could die

Kate: I am dying Delilah {reaches her hand up to touch Delilah’s cheek} There isn’t any stopping it. My parents just want me gone. I’ve heard them talking plenty of times. So I just wanted to spend my last night with you.

{Sounds fade and the sounds of the lounge come back. Kate’s hand drops and her head drops to Delilah’s leg}

Kate: Go to Paris for me please? I love you Delilah..

{ the sounds of the lounge come back and the lights slowly come up. Delilah shakes Kate’s shoulders, checking her pulse, looking around frantically}

Delilah: Kate? Kate please don’t do this. Kate…. Kate please please wake up. Kate. KATE> SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE!!

{the people in the lounge come around, mumbling in coherently, two of them making a makeshift stretcher.}

Delilah: Kate… I love you…. {Delilah collapses on the floor, and all lights go out except for her spotlight which goes out also. }


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