Being Motivated!! Like a child…..

Alright time for backstory time (que panning up and sad violin)

When I was a child

I was alone a lot. I had imaginary friends etc. and I discovered the wonderful world of imagination. So, even today I retain that. Here are some tips.

  • Stuck on writing? Can’t think of a new idea? Talk to your characters, or our muse.
  • Not motivated enough to clean your room? Pretend you have evil parents or you’re captive and if you don’t get everything clean something bad will happen.
  • Not motivated to work out? Pretend you have a city, family, and friend etc. to protect and train like you have someone’s life on the line.
  • Not motivated to learn? Find some reason, like you have to learn Biochemistry like there’s no tomorrow so that you can find a cure for zombie virus. Hey it works.

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