This workout routing both mental and physical is as much a path to self-realization as it isn’t. Have you ever been in a dream before and wanted it to continue but you had to wake up? I’m getting into lucid dreaming again. I’ve realized it’s a good way to know myself, and, it’s a good way to relax. Once skilled in lucid dreaming you can choose what happens.  Now for those of you who have regular dreams but don’t lucid dreams, try having reality checks in your dreams. Try counting how many fingers you have or if the clock looks normal. For those who have never had a lucid dream before it might be hard. In my lucid dreams the way I practice is holding myself there, and sometimes changing things about the scenery. I used to have some great lucid dreams but lately I have been having a lot of nightmares and was scared to go lucid again, because whenever I am in a lucid nightmare it is so bad. There is no way out and you can feel everything, waking up in a sweat because everything felt so real. And for the religious folk out there it can be a way to connect with god, you can ask for a sign. Not saying he will grant your wish, but you can still relax, not being bound by the regular world.

Aside from that there is a plethora of skills I will be working on obtaining. Things that take a while but help in every day life such as deduction, body language, basic psychology etc. I also have many links( that I will post for you lovelies) that will help with college courses. I believe that you should always be learning. For example, I am teaching myself to like math 😮 What??? Yes I believe math is a very needed skill and I try to take a course once every few days and it will be part of my routine.anigif_enhanced-buzz-8749-1388776577-0

For those of us with an intense hatred of math, or just don’t get the point I recommend first a course in real world math so you can see what actually applies in life.

other things for the more scholarly aspects of my syllabus will be things such as humanities, social sciences, and applicable English skills (such as good editing.)

A website I can recommend for this would be Udemy. I have just found this recently and it has a ton of free and paid courses.   I really ought to get to making my syllabus.  God I’m hungry.

I want to make some mochi

download images (5)


Mochi is basically a Japanese rice dish. It is made of processed rice so that it does not have any clumps.  It is usually colored with food coloring and flavored with red bean paste or fruit 🙂


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