Life is hard

Trauma, can happen anywhere,  in any type of way. It can take different shapes and forms and there is no black or white labeling here and if you ever try to tell someone that what they went through isn’t bad enough or they don’t deserve to be sad you need to stop. Seriously.   Matter of fact, just stop bullying. You. Accomplish. Nothing. If all you do in life is belittle others for how they live their life and what they say and do you are not thriving. You are not only hurting them, but you are hurting yourself.

Now for those dealing with any type of trauma, that leaves you depressed and numb  feeling, you need to find something that makes you feel alive.
Sometimes when you are so numb, it helps to mentally say “okay.  I am alive. I can feel. I can turn this music on and off, I can walk to the other room,  I can do things.” Sometimes you have to ground yourself like that to be able to do enjoyable things.  Once you are back down to earth, try painting or taking a walk, whatever you can most feel.
If you ever feel like ending your life, please dont. I assure you there are people who care. Even if you don’t feel like that there are. If you are suicidal and do not want to talk to a therapist, that is okay.
You can go to
To talk anonymously to someone who will just listen to you. And you can email me also. A couple of months ago when Robin Williams  died I was making conversation with a coworker and said it was sad and she went off on a tangent about how I shouldn’t be sad because I should be sad about everyone else.  I was sad because he was a childhood icon. And I am sad about everyone who dies. But I can’t fill my days worrying about everyone who dies in the world. But I want to do what I can. Stay strong and beautiful everyone.  Goodnight ❤


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