So I have a tumblr now and I suppose I really should be writing my random rantings on that blog but I am in love with this blog so I shall not stop. You will not be rid of me! Plus WordPress is not blocked so…… :p

Alright so as of right now what I have in my main document not including the chapter I wrote on my Laptop I have 12,145 words and I am incredibly behind. But I can do this. I am a warrior. My characters need me. Some Nanos are only just starting their journey. This makes me feel better.

By now i should have 28,333 Words

I am 16,188 Words behind.

If I didnt “catch up” I would need to write 2,704 Words a day versus the 1,667 That is very popular.

Needless to say I plan to catch up.

With an abundance of caffeine I plan to catch up this week.








Now why didnt i just make the numbers even? Odd totals make you want to reach it more. At least for me. I thrive on goals and meeting them.

I can do this. At least I believe I can and doesnt that count for anything?

Whew. Thats alot of words. But I dont have work today or tommorow so I can do this.


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