Finally my syllabus!!

Alright everyone, so I’m, back! Hopefully to actually stay on a regular schedule…

We can only hope.

Today im going to be talking about making your own curriculum.

I am a very self-motivated person, and I have a deep rooted love for knowledge of all forms. So , in this way I have determined that I should take extra courses by myself to further prepare myself for college.

The internet is a big scary place but with a little bit of elbow grease you can find any type of course to fit your needs. Things such as English, you may want to include both English composition and literature.

Also with things such as English you may want to assign yourself books to read, preferably classics or something that you can easily find at your local library.

These are the basic core subjects that I think essential, not the specific course, but the subjects.





And two or more electives.

These are the core subjects and will be different for whatever you want to do in life.  And though going into certain courses aside from these courses listed, like business management if you are to go into business, or C++ if you are going into computer science, it is more important to do the core subjects if you are just entering college.

My syllabus will be quite full, but that is because I thrive on an overload. Not everyone is like this.  Benefits of doing this for yourself

  1. You can find courses and books for completely free
  2. Its better than just lounging on the couch
  3. Be taking career specific courses you can see if you will enjoy a particular job
  4. You will be much better prepared for the future

Now I have found an amazing site, which you can sign up for and all of the courses are completely free, and I am using most of my source material from.

These are my classes from that site(I will post link to site at the end of this post)

ENGL001 English Composition I
ENGL002 English Composition II
MA121 Introduction to Statistics
HIST231 Empire and States in the Middle East and Southwest Asia
BIO305 Genetics
BIO401 Biochemistry
CHEM101 General Chemistry I
CHEM102 General Chemistry II
ENGL000 Pre-College English
ENGL410 The Victorian Novel
HIST312 Capitalism and Democracy in America
HIST341 The Silk Road and Central Eurasia
HIST361 Ancient and Modern Cities
MA005 Calculus I
MA111 Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning

Now you will notice that for each core subject I have four classes. These are not meant to be taken all at the same time, but in succession. I also have some other courses from them that I will begin.

Now since I am still in school and have no actual high school course work to complete, I will use this time wisely by doing these courses.

This gives me at least a three hour time slot for school.

On an unrelated note my regular teacher is not here today and this other one keeps telling me to get work done…. I have no work…  :/


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