Motivation piece

Alright guys. I will admit it, my childhood mainly consisted of pretend and it. Was. Awesome.

Who says we cant use make believe scenarios to gear us towards real life? As long as you leave the boundary there, you’re good.

Here’s the beginning of my piece which basically motivates every aspect.

Your name is Vera Sokolski. Your parents were Russian immigrants, and they are long gone now. You were raised by your brother, and upon you turning 16 he began to be more distant, and stay away from the apartment. That is fine with you. You are now Half a year from turning 18 and your prospective do not look good.

A couple days ago you received an email that had no returner send address. It said one thing and one thing only, check your mail.

You thought this stupid since your brother had checked the mail just that morning and mail didn’t run for another day, but you did anyways. You found a single package. Wrote in small letters were instructions not to open it until you got home.  You got home and closed your door and opened the package. In it you saw a picture of you when you were three years old, a time very hazy in your mind. You see another girl, almost identical to you in it.  Then you read the letter incased. On the letter was hanging a necklace. The necklace had a single dove, and the word hope on the flip side.

The letter told you you had a sister, and that she was heavily guarded in your mother country Russia. The writer did not reveal his name but did say that you should trust him even though you have no reason to. Still, over the past few days memories and strange occurrences have surfaced, and it seems that it would not hurt to trust this writer.

He says that the only person who would have a chance of saving her would be you. He says you would need to fight and charm your way into the inside, and he says there are a few other reasons that he cannot disclose yet.

He says that it will be up to you to train yourself, and though he will send you helpful things, he cannot travel to you for your own safety.

The list that he comprised for you states that you need not train yourself to fight but instead be in optimal physical condition. You will also need to train your mind and be determined, and self-motivated.

You are still pretty skeptical about this, and hunker down for a long night of planning for both physical and mental training. It wouldn’t hurt either way.

This is Vera


Okay well i hope you all enjoyed that I know it is an odd way to entertain yourself, but it helps.


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