Today we will talk about getting fit and…stuff

I’m going to start talking about prepping, not necessarily for the end of the world, but for dire, life threatening situations. one of the reasons i motivate myself to get fit, is that i will have confidence that i can fight and or run away from a person or environment is causing me harm.

also aside from the training geared towards survival, i believe it is important, if you have a car, to have a get home bag, this can have

  • essentials for car break down
  • food for up to a week, and water
  • spare clothing
  • blankets
  • first aid kit

and several other things. caution is good.

I will post more on this but it is a good strategy to motivate yourself to not only get fit and in your prime condition, but mentally as well. Think of how useful self defence and first aid techniques will come in handy


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