Tired someone bring me fried chicken

God i missed writing blogs. I miss writing in general. I really need to get a new laptop. For writing.

I am a nerd.

I wish I had a car today to do something productive like go to the gym or librairy today. But no. Im stuck in my room trying to figure out what to blog because sitting in the liiving room was a total failure. Meaning my stepdad kept on hitting my dog with his book because he would not stay still. He is a dog. He does not understand if you tell him to stay in one spot because your belly hurts. Get that through your head.

So yeah off of that tangent, I’m bored today. I thought about practicing guitar but i would much rather play piano right now but that is in storage. Bummer.

Currently listening to: Your’r gonna go far, Kid by the offspring

That is pretty much my mood today. Come on. Someone pick me up and we can burn crap. Ugh. Someone kick my personality in the face. I can go from Flower child who literally hugs trees to crazy inventor who wants to crossbreed chocolate and bananas to this weird i dont give a single F*** person. Only my best friends really ever see any of these moods though. And i suppose that is a good thing.

Okay i’ve been writing this blog post for about an hour.

Now listening to Chandelier by Sia (Four Tet remix)

I’m hungry but dont want to eat does anyone feel?

I guess thats all for now. Bored out of my ears.


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